Sunday, June 11, 2017

One Hundred Sixy Six

I felt a sudden emptiness when he walked out of the door yesterday. Can't believe this fortnight he spent in nenek's house would leave me feeling sore upon its end.

He literally tagged along wherever I went these past couple of weeks. And at night he'd ask me to sleep downstairs with him because he said, "But I like having you around."

Even when he didn't have any class in Prima, he'd still want to follow me. "Please please please," he begged. I couldn't afford declining this. He would hover around until I finished teaching.

He's so likable he received so many presents on his birthday last week. His presence is a pleasure despite his challenging and annoying questions. He's a little explorer who's so curious about everything around him. He's kind, obedient but also has his own temper sometimes.

A day before yesterday, Cik Nah said, "Next week rumah mesti sunyi," and I couldn't agree more. Today's the first day the house had an iftar this year without you, Hayl Arsyad.

You always have a special place in everyone's heart. I literally cried out loud driving back home yesterday knowing that you won't be there anymore.

See you next week.

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