Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ninety Five

It's the first morning of Ramadhan and I'm still adjusting myself to suhoor. And its aftermath. And my sleepyhead.

I have made it a point not to return to bed after suhoor. I have never had a proper suhoor since school. I woke up to a plain water next to me, took a sip, and went back sleeping.

When you get married it's a different story, especially when the husband insists on waking up for suhoor. He couldn't stand a day of fasting without taking a meal prior to it. And here I am wide awake at this hour writing this to combat my sleepiness.

So last year when I began my (actual) suhoor routine I pursued sleeping after subh prayers - for the sake of replacing my sleeping hours. Long story short, I gained weight even in Ramadhan! Hence, this new Ramadhan resolution of mine. No more tiduring after eating.

I have tonnes of work to do but I'm not sure if my brain is fit enough to carry on working. I can do this. May be I'll start with a short nap. Maybe not.

I am strong enough to win this battle. This is only the first day........

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ninety Four

I fell asleep next to my husband when he was online on his iPad - his nightly routine.

And all I can recall this morning was his voice deliberately reading something out loud so that I could hear from the previous night. For goodness' sake I was already asleep! I know most people who are close to me know I'd get really irritated people trying to wake me up when my brainwaves are approaching their lowest frequency.

Anyhow, it was something along this line - "When a man annoys a woman, that means he really cares for her. A woman should start worrying when the man stops annoying her."

Tidur-tidur pun gua boleh recall. I will ask him for the full statement later - when he's awake. I'm THAT nice not to kacau people when they're sleeping.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ninety Three

So, the husband and I are not the kind of people who take photos during a vacation, especially when there are only the two of us. We find it hassle to ask for a random people on street to help snapping photos and, I (and I think he is, too) am really against holding a long stick you call monopod.

That leaves us with very limited holiday photos upon reaching home. Our 4-day-Bandung trip was summarised in 5 photos altogether. Speaking of that, there were only 4 photos that can be actually regarded as real photos taken during our Perhentian trip.

I sometimes wonder, do we regret not having the desire to pose around at all monuments later post-holiday? But I guess we don't. We returned home, talked about the experience, what we actually encountered, whom we met, and all are captured in the memories.

But I'd sure to love it more if we actually enjoy taking photos, so in case if we return to the same place some day, we can always remake another pose at the same spot again.