Wednesday, June 7, 2017

One Hundred Sixty Four

I think people only enjoy juicy stuff lah. But as we age (or grow *cough* more maturely) we seem to be hesitant to share these kinda stuff publicly (or rather dah tak ada anything juicy pun that's happening in our lives LOL).

Dulu I'd share every conversation I found interesting, be it with my students, nephews, friends and especially Syafiq. Now I feel somehow embarrassed to be sharing them though the urge is there. People might think nothing really interesting takes place in this person's life. Or they might also think well she now knows how to keep things to herself hahah!

Regardless of what people might think, I'd stay true to myself. Only better. I mean, even if I'm no longer here in this world, this blog (as long as blogger still exists) remains and people may still read it. So I better be leaving a super good impression to the readers and they would pray that my dead body wouldn't be decomposed that quickly.

Oh and there's also this tendency to use hashtag here. Urgh all thanks to twitter and instagram.

1 comment:

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