Sunday, July 30, 2017

One Hundred Sixty Seven

Sometimes it's not fun to share things with him because he always makes snide remarks.

But yesterday was different. We were on the highway and it was a 3-hour drive. I was probably staring aimlessly outside the window and he asked, "Jaja fikir apa?"

"If I share you promise you won't make any annoying comment as usual?"

He nodded.

"I was imagining myself being behind bars. In prison."

He kept listening. But his eyes were on the road.

"I think the cruelest punishment can be imprisonment. Imagine how it can bore you to death looking at the four empty walls every second. Not having anyone to talk to."

I continued, "If I were in jail, I'd demand for books everyday."

He laughed, "If you're a bookworm why would you be in jail in first place?"

"Ramai je orang genius (not self-proclaiming, just comparing, LOL) masuk penjara."

"No, I mean, kalau Jaja kerja baca buku je hari-hari, bila masa Jaja nak commit a crime?"

"Oh yes. Tapi ramai je orang kena frame lepas tu masuk penjara. They write tafseers, solved maths problems, created scientific theories..."

"Betul. Macam ahli Ikhwan, Ibnu Kutb."

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