Wednesday, December 16, 2015

One Hundred Eighteen

I normally plan my work days (or weeks, depends) ahead. I would still make time to comply with invitations until they no longer feel like breaks for me, rather social obligations.

I basically work 7 days a week, almost 12 hours a day. Although most times people think I am just playing around with fondant, or concentrating on social media (updating posts or doing marketing), or sitting around doing nothing. Well, I may be literally sitting around but you don't want to see what's lingering in my head.

I even (starting to) have trouble sleeping for overthinking. Sometimes ideas come even during sleep. I'm amazed!

Taking a 5 minute meal break feels like a crime to my work.

And I envy my friends who have time going for Zumba. Not that I fancy zumba (or piloxing - a combination of pilates, boxing and dancing... yeah, wow!) so much, I just need to do justice to my ever expanding body. I think according to my BMI, I am now categorised as overweight. I think.

I gained around 7 - 10 kgs from the day I got married. I can no longer fit in my wedding kurung! It was not even that fit! Urgh. And now I'm having a self-esteem issue.

The lakeside I normally jog in the morning is now closed for construction.

And it's almost 1.30 a.m. yet I am still ranting though knowing I need to go to work at 8.30 a.m.

Eleh macamlah awal sangat bertolak 8.30 pagi but hey I still need to lipat baju before going.

I am not complaining (though I actually, really really really sounded like I am). I'm just sharing (LOL).

Oh oh I need to edit cake photos now. Till then.

Friday, December 11, 2015

One Hundred Seventeen

I was in the car alone with Hayl and he was at the back seat.

"Who's going to sit next to you on the front seat?"

"No one. Come and sit beside me."

He jumped off to the front and sat on the co-driver seat.

Then he looked at the back, puzzled.

"Who's going to sit at the back?"


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

One Hundred Sixteen

The surrounding gives a calming effect.

Everything is just perfect.

Except for the smell, which can be quite a turn off.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

One Hundred Fifteen

These past two weeks have been chaotic and since I previously thought I never had to work a day in my life anymore, I get to experience it this couple of weeks.

Waking up early to reach the workplace and facing the congestion on our way back home,

Good experience. But if I were given the chance to repeat... not again.