Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Seventy Six

Bila rasa nak menulis dan ilham melimpah ruah, masa tu lah paling banyak kerja.

Sekarang bila perlu mengarang kertas kerja, masa ni lah paling malas nak menulis (kertas kerja) tapi boleh pula menulis di sini.

Manusia sebenarnya tak tahu apa yang mereka mahukan, kan?

Seventy Five

Last year at this very hour we had our honeymoon in the furthest east. And we honestly looked forward to another honeymoon at the same time this year.

And Allah the Almighty granted what we had wished for - i.e., more quality time together.

Now we both are alone together, at a hospital room in our hometown, waiting for the husband's surgery in a few minutes time.

It is a minor procedure, but it is also our first encounter. It feels strange. And I believe this makes us closer.

Who says we need a beach for a honeymoon. At least we've shared the single hospital bed for a couple of nights already.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Seventy Four

I particularly love good news. Even if I wasn't getting any, or if I were to hear a devastating ones, I'd trade all with good news.

 So your fiance called off the engagement, or your partner left you for someone else.

 Allah didn't want you to end up in a broken marriage. Not just yet.

 So it's been a year plus since you were married and not a sign of a baby yet.

 Allah wants you to fix your relationship with Him and enjoy your prolonged honeymoon.

 So you lost someone you loved dearly in a tragedy.

 They are probably in a better place, and that Allah wants you to toughen up by reminding you that He's the sole entity for us to rely upon.

 So you've put on weight.

 You might save up some money from feeding your craves at expensive desserts parlour.

 So your business hasn't really blossomed after so long.

 Allah wants you to meet more people and dig more knowledge.

 There are so many things to be grateful for.

 And the saying "There's a silver lining in every cloud" never gets old.