Sunday, October 16, 2016

One Hundred Fifty One

She pulled him nearer, staring into his eyes and whispered,

"Do I look like I f__ing care?"

She released his collar. Gently.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

One Hundred Fifty

Have you ever been reminded of something you already know, something you've held on to - but it still struck you?

I have.

Though the reminder wasn't really directed to me; sharing table with the discussed parties, I was made dumbfounded.

Someone reminded us that rezeki comes from Allah and it's Him whom we should be asking for more. Not the vendor. Not the back debtors.

I mean, I know the person meant after chasing these people, we must return to Allah and put our ultimate reliance on Him.

I... almost forgot that part. I know I always tell myself every rezeki comes from Allah but this time our efforts didn't seem to sync with our belief.

Sometimes rezeki does not only come in form of money (nor job). Today it came in form of a valuable lesson.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

One Hundred Forty Nine

This morning, Syafiq came close to me, and said something very romantic. He was almost whispering.

"Baca sajak ke?" I asked. Knowing from the beginning it was actually a song.

He was taken aback and retracted, "Kuasamlah Jaja ni! Tahulah suara kita tak sedap."

I burst into laughter. He further said, half merajuk, "Kita ni asyik dikelilingi orang yang suka bahan kita je."

Saturday, September 17, 2016

One Hundred Twenty Eight

I've been given a luxury of time hence there was a lot of time spent on thinking of things that may seem nonsensical to others.

I blurted out a question to my darling husband on our way to his football match last night.

"What do you want people to associate you with?"

"A successful business."

I nodded silently. Smiled, impressed.

"Okay name three. Two more, please."

"Hmm... being helpful." Oh yes. He is really helpful. Very helpful to the effect that he'd abandon me in the middle of the night to help his friends out. I nodded again.

"Last one?"

"Husajdhasj ijahhadsnazura." The sound of a superbike engine interrupted so I couldn't hear properly. But I knew he was also mumbling."

"Come again?"

"Husband Ijah Ajura."


One Hundred Forty Seven

I realise that people left for various reasons. For knowledge and experience, for a greener pastures, better opportunities, heart mending and the list goes on.

I realise that people left and it's entirely natural to do so.

This piece of writing is a dedication for a little sister I've known for a long time. We may stay apart but you are always close to my heart.

Here's a short poem for you who's leaving (again) today...

Why do people have to leave

When smiles exchanged
When strings attached
When love blossomed

Why do people have to leave...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

One Hundred Forty Six

Feeling a bit mellow today. Something I haven't got to feel for quite some times. Accompanied by an interesting book, silence and a little bit of boredom.

It's post Aidiladha today and half of me wants to drag me to stroll at a mall while the other half is asking for my mercy to take a nap.

It's also post birthday celebration and I'm feeling loved.

Also struggling lately especially with my worsening skin condition. It gets very itchy sometimes and acne has become a real problem to me now. Even girlfriend is surprised someone our age (well that's me) could be suffering from this, which sounds pretty impossible to us.

That's some updates. I'm giving in to evening nap finally.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One Hundred Forty Five

Syafiq has picked up a new hobby since end of last year. Knowing him so well, I knew it's a matter of time for him to switch hobby. But this new one was something I never anticipated at all.


My impatient, hot headed, and hyperactive husband now loves fishing. And he has like 3840932809 rods, baits, and other tools/equipment/gadget I don't know what to call.

He's gone on fishing trips countless times. He spent (invested) a lot of money on fishing. But what (my family and) I like about his new hobby is that we get to cook the fish he brings back each time. (Well not to say that he manages to catch a fish eeeverytime he goes fishing, but when does, he would bring them/it home).

So I was cooking at the kitchen with Bibik just now. Ikan masak merah. Bibik was asking, "Ikan apa itu Ja?" Frankly speaking, I only know ikan bawal and pari and keli because of their distinctive shapes. I know nothing of other ikan. For real. So I answered, "Saya tak kenal ikanlah, bik."

She laughed her heart out and said, "Suaminya tukang mancing, bininya tak kenal ikan..."

Well, thanks bibik for pointing that out.

And thanks Syafiq for making me look even worse now. -,-"