Sunday, February 25, 2018

One Hundred Seventy Seven

Writing is best when emotional.

Especially in rage or in sadness.

Probably it's just me, and how I channel such feelings.

Probably sharing isn't as exciting now. The tendency to keeping things to oneself is high now.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

One Hundred Seventy Six

I am not feeling very well. My body’s aching, my throat is sore.

And I cried.

“Makin kita besar, makin kurang tempat bergantung kan?” I asked, sobbing.

“Tak lah, cuma tukar tempat bergantung aje.”

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

One Hundred Seventy Five

I've been suffering from this writer's block since yesterday.

I had to write four 500-word essays yesterday and I managed to write 3 in less than 2 hours, hands down, pats on my back. All three received commendable comments from those who checked, and I was happy with their outcome.

When it comes to the forth one, I was suddenly stuck. I had no idea what to write about... and deadline is almost knocking on my door. I was so upset and discouraged that I probably portrayed a different kind of self to my husband.

He was so worried he immediately asked me out (LOL) for a drink and listened to what bothered me. And now, right at the moment I am writing this, he's sharing a number of articles to help me with my writing.

I'm all smiley now. Thank you sayang. Those articles really come in handy. They are very very helpful!

One Hundred Seventy Four

I still think Blogger needs an app (a working one) where I can easily access and pen down my thoughts anywhere I like. I am not with my laptop all the time. Jadi when I feel like all writing, I couldn't do it because of you Blogger! Grrr.

It's November. I'm scared, to be honest. Many deadlines are around the corner, my best friend's giving birth today, I have a life-changing decision to make (well it's already made, the processes that come with it takes time), payments due etc. Patutlah ramai orang rindu nak jadi kanak-kanak balik. Sigh.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

One Hundred Seventy Three

Hayl asks challenging questions which usually starts with "Why" or "How".

Like, how does a dragon drink (does it even exist)? Or how long have Youtube been there (I asked him to google the history of Youtube)... why did kak Rose say this and that in Upin Ipin?

Most of the times, truthfully, we don't even have answers for these. As a matter of fact, these questions never really cross our mind!

Growing children are curious. They are absorbing fast through their observations and experience.

Stimulate their thoughts. Don't discourage them from thinking and asking even if it tires or annoys you. Don't shut them from being curious.

So yesterday he asked another difficult one, "Do USA want to (wage) war with North Korea? Why?" I asked him to google instead 😝 "Asyik gooogle je!" he replied.

Frankly honey, I would need to google myself to give you the answer. You might as well do the googling yourself.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

One Hundred Seventy Two

I just received a devastating news.

My form 1 classmate had just passed away this morning out of heart attack, leaving a wife behind. We're barely 35, let alone 40.

This just reminds me of today's very unhealthy lifestyle. With lack of exercise (I barely sweat recently), the food intake, the amount of chemicals and artificial flavourings and colourings we consume is unimaginable.

From his recent photo, it's obvious his size has doubled, or even tripled since his wedding 3 years back. This worries me. It makes me think of my family, my husband and my friends.

Let this serves as a reminder, and a lesson to take greater care of our health. Because our body, too, is an amanah from Allah.

Al-fatihah, F.

One Hundred Seventy One

Will you remember me on this starry night?
Will you remember me when the wind blows softly against your face?

Will I be the one you think of before retiring tonight?
Will I be the first on your mind when you open your eyes?

Will I cross your mind amidst the laughter?
Will I even stay in when the silence strikes?

Would our thoughts somewhat connect in the universe?
Would that be the reason I'm longing for you right now?

Would it take absence to finally feel your existence?
Would it require distance to appreciate your presence?

22 Sept 2017