Thursday, June 8, 2017

One Hundred Sixty Five

I am not in my best days now. There are several personal issues I'm encountering that would affect my work performance as well.

I can be so demotivated when challenges hit me like this. I would curl in bed for hours doing entirely nothing. That's how bad I can be.

So I kinda reflect on my actions and feelings and I came across news on a lady being gang raped and her child being thrown away to the side of the road on the aftermath (he was found dead later), then I also came across stories on wives being beaten mercilessly by husbands, on parents who lost their children. I even visited my distant relative who's vegetable now and is taken care by her children...

All these made me realise how petty my challenges are. Comparatively, theirs mentioned above are beyond anything I could imagine myself enduring. Now I believe that Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear.

But I still find this miserable feeling disturbing. I wish this ends soon. I can't even fathom it's actually happening. It's preventable, yet it happens.

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