Monday, May 23, 2016

One Hundred Thirty Seven

Sometimes I miss blogging actively for through this I was able to track down important events in my life.

One Hundred Thirty Six

Of Pink

There was this one gathering of girls when we had to share an unknown fact about ourselves. When it was my turn, I disclosed, "I love pink."

Every other girl was shocked. A friend exclaimed, "You don't look like someone who does pink!"
Errrr... what is that even suppose to mean?

Calmly, I responded, "Well, urm, I may not wear a lot of pink, but my other stuff including water bottle, socks, towel, bags, (and I listed almost everything I had that's pink) and even my room is painted pink!"

We then turned to the next person but everyone still looked astounded.

Anyhow I recently knew someone who happened to know how much do I love pink.

We were in a jewellery store buying charms for my bracelet (it was a starter set) and when the employee asked on any particular colour of preference, to my utmost surprise, this person immediately answered, "Pink," without even glancing at me for verification.

I understand as a husband he is supposed to know my favourite colour and all but his confidence really made my day (despite the fact I got myself a brand new bracelet heeeee). I love the fact he knows so much about me and loves me the way I'm comfy with. Even though most times he'd dictate my life the way he wants it to be.

Anyhow I've now added more pink items to my collection and I'm so very happy about it.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

One Hundred Thirty Five

I think I can read people well, particularly those around me. I can tell if they're annoyed, interested and where they put their priorities at.

Well, working with me can be so much fun. But I like to put pressure on people - only because my expectations are high. I can be pretty ambitious, but very realistic at the same time. I am a risk taker but of course I only take the calculated ones.

If you are keen on challenges (and challenging yourself), and if you enjoy being workaholic and roller coaster rides, you must find working with me fun.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

One Hundred Thirty Four

It's a mixed feeling.

True I can't wait to be back home to see those familiar faces and kick some ass, but I'd sorely miss this place and its memories.

It has been a splendid fortnight. I have surpassed my own comfort zone to make it a fulfilling trip. Learnt a lot of new things too. Got to know the partner better (of his worse mostly LOL).

Invested a lot for this; be it time, energy and money. And speaking of money, it only makes me more excited to be home and earn more.

Thank you Allah for the opportunity. Thank you husband for the patience to put up with me. Thank you the family and friends for the support and to cover my work when I was away.

I have a lot of thanking to do.