Sunday, August 6, 2017

One Hundred Sixty Eight

I am technically a hobby-less girl. I don't listen to music nor do I watch TV. I don't do sports, indoor nor outdoor. I don't collect stuff. I don't play games (does Candy Crush count?) Oh maybe I like reading and writing, but these two aren't hobbies. They're not something I do religiously.

But I love things like marching, choral speaking, drama and all. I like coaching people involved in those. Maybe it just shows that I love teaching/coaching. But you wouldn't call it a hobby, would you? Because you don't do this on weekly or daily basis. You do this, I mean, I do this when there's a competition or when people hire me to.

I am basically a boring person. But when I engage myself in the abovementioned activities, I think people should respect my that. They should allow me to indulge in it and give me some space to be my true self.You know when you're doing something you really love and you tend to show your true colours.

Hey, maybe what I really love is winning. Yeah, maybe.

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