Friday, April 29, 2016

One Hundred Thirty Two

For some reason I was really mad at my husband last night. Of course he didn't know it as I always kept myself at silence each time I'm in rage.

This morning I thought of confronting him but since he was still fast asleep and I needed to rush to work, I sent him a text telling how upset I was.

His phone was charging in the other room. I went to bath and immediately as I finished showering, I took his phone and deleted my message.

I had forgotten something very important. Something I've held on to for years --- always understand what it's like being in someone's shoes before telling them off.

And before I left, I kissed him goodbye (he was still snuggling his favourite bantal peluk) and asked nicely... and he explained... and I understood the reason he took the measure.

Today I relearnt a lesson. Mind over matter. Anger, sadness, joy, excitement, fear - even can't be overcome - can always be controlled. Never let our emotions take charge of our actions.

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