Monday, April 18, 2016

One Hundred Thirty One

I was trying to get on my feet when I probably twisted my waist yesterday noon. Was in so much pain the whole day yesterday but I had to follow the husband out nevertheless.

I barely stood up straight let alone walked. But I braved myself anyway. I had a difficult time lying down straight as well. 

On our way back home, a thought kept coming across my mind. Imagine not being able to walk properly my whole life. I've be taking my ability to move around freely for granted all this while. Allah's been blessing me with a pair of perfectly healthy limbs so I could work and wander on His earth at my own liberty.

So after applying some cream last night and sleeping on back with my legs straight, I woke up with a so much reduced pain. I resumed my work at peace (and have now completed it) and I couldn't be any grateful for this nikmat again.


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