Sunday, January 3, 2016

One Hundred Nineteen

Was singing Gerua and Janam Janam all the way on my way back home an hour ago. The two songs especially the latter have been stuck in my head even before me watching Dilwale.

One achievement unlocked --- watching hindustan at the cinema with the best friend, little brother and the beloved... on the new year!

Anyway, it has been a habit that I read through (not only the plot, history, production etc) about a movie before, during or after I watch it. Going into the cinema yesterday; I have no clue whatsoever on what the movie was all about - I only went for the hype, songs, actors - a classic example of an excellent marketing.

So after the movie, as usual I read the reviews and all and I found that most IMDB users rated the movie 1/10. I was asking myself how on earth did I love the it so much when 80% of those who rated criticised it terribly.

Then while singing Janam Janam today (and watching its clip while driving, heeeee) it suddenly hit me. Besides the beautiful wardrobe, good looking actors and picturesque scenery - I love Dilwale because the love story reminded me so much of mine. How my heart was torn into pieces having had to be apart from the one I loved, telling others that I hated him while in fact I did not... not even a little.

The movie managed to touch my heart with every bit and piece of the familiar drama, though the plot as a whole was undeniably crappy and developed poorly.

Anyhow I still love the movie so much as it makes me love the beloved more and more today.

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