Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fifty Nine

Looking back at who I was previously is an absolute shame. Young, negative and outspoken fat girl who was always searching for somethiblng to do in life. Who never stopped ranting and at times complained of boredom.

All were expressed in the old version of Ixarism (well I sure hope the new one here is very much better).

I remember once I talked about being bored lazing around at home and this one anonymous left a comment which read (more or less it sounded like this:)

"Isn't boredom a creation of oneself?"

I was offended. Shocked. And later decided to agree with such statement (or question). And ever since then I would always keep myself occupied. Busing myself with stuff and shut my mouth each time I feel like telling people I was bored. All because I CAN do something; grab a book and read, play sudoku on an old newspaper, dobsome ironing, cook, tweet, read more.

Moreover today with the presence of these smart phone thingy we tend occupy our time better so much so that at some instances we ignore what's going on around us, like literally around us.

This entry is just to tell you:

1. I am not easily bored anymore.

2. People who complain of boring kinda irk me.


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