Friday, May 2, 2014

Fifty Eight

It was Rejab 1st yesterday and May 2nd today. Both dates are significant to me, especially since last year.

Rejab 1st fell on May 10th last year, making May 2nd came earlier.

I was on my weekly duty in Masjid Jamek, and some where during the lunch hour, I received a pleasant phone call, asking on my well-being, and we had a small talk. Towards the end of the conversation, the caller's question had really made me utterly dumbfounded. He was asking was it okay if he came by so we could buy a golden ring. I was astounded, but as I was scared of losing him another time, I agreed immediately.

So he dropped by at the office. Luckily the superiors had an urgent meeting, allowing me to sneak out earlier to go out with him. We sat down at the lobby for a moment, asking ourselves whether it was the right thing to do. Giggling. And there was a silence. And we giggled again. And decided to just go for it.

So we wandered around Masjid Jamek looking for a plain golden ring. We were totally clueless. That was the day when I learnt about Emas 999 and Emas 916. I learnt that there are sizes for rings to fit into fingers, and I got to know my ring size that day.

We went separate ways and he brought the ring home, and asked me to let my family know that his family was coming the next week. It happened in a jiffy! I was still trying to swallow the fact that it was really happening to me.

Moments before maghrib prayers at home, I went into mama's room, and asked whether my eldest brother would be at home the next Friday. She initially couldn't be bothered to answer my question (she was watching some Malay drama on TV3), until she saw me standing nervously, trembling... trying to relay the next information to her.

Immediately after I broke the news to her, she jumped out of her bed and hugged me joyously. It was another sweet surprise to see her reaction. Green light was on, I thought to myself.

Came Friday, at exact 8.00 p.m., two cars entered the compound. I ran upstairs. And this was where everything began. I couldn't be any more grateful for the opportunity to bridge these two different families together. It was a moment I really treasure.

Isn't it amazing how love between two individuals could bring so many people together?

Though it may no longer be valid, with every intention I wish to say Happy 1st Engagement Anniversary. Because one can only be engaged once, Insya Allah.

May and Rejab have got to be my new favourite months.

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