Friday, November 1, 2013

Forty Three

It's raining these past few days. I had a terrible experience driving to Sri Hartamas yesterday with an extremely blurry vision.

But it felt very pacifying once I reached Ampang. I long for such calmness. And now I'm craving for a hot slice of Classified Chicken.

Dealing with people can be very challenging. Even if they are not your customers. Heh. I'm still trying to understand those who aren't able to make up their minds over some petty matters. Why is it so difficult to come with a conclusive answer when the question is already very objective. At some juncture it really tests my patience.

But that's the interesting part of growing up. You observe, you learn from every tiny bit of the experience.

I'm currently learning a few things:

1. To be happy for other people
2. To not be easily upset over petty matters

Two may seem too little a thing, but let these be a focused concern for the moment.

So here comes November. This November, I'm going to make a history.


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