Tuesday, July 2, 2013


So there's these few types of people I discover on Twitter.

 The Vain (and sometimes Ignorant)

 They couldn't be bothered about anything but their well-being. What's for breakfast, what to wear. Couldn't even care less about the recent election. This I find rather annoying. It's okay if you aren't interested with what's going on in your country, but just don't brag about your uninterested-ness, can you?

 The Opinionated (and most of the times Angry)

 These are the ones who are always mad at the above tweeps. They can't handle other people's vanity. They love indulging in 'intelligent' discussion as it's a better way to utilise the social media. Some of them couldn't handle others' perception and can't appreciate differences of ideas, hence the quarrel. These group of people are also very confident and they look highly on themselves.

 The Informed

 They're normally the first to relay news and information. Some of them can come up with statistics. I personally like this group of people. But we have to double check the authenticity and the truth of every fact before retweeting.

 These are merely my personal observation. It may not describe you should you fall under any of the above category.

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