Tuesday, April 18, 2017

One Hundred Sixty Two

Someone said my blog posts now are not as interesting as they used to be. Maybe because I am not as open as before. I pick and choose the things I wish to share publicly now. That's because I've grown out of my emo-teenage-years phase LOL.

Anyway I'm sharing with you on a feeling I shouldn't be having. It's a mixture of jealousy and guilt. Simply put, I am actually having this guilt trip for feeling jealous over something I shouldn't be!

And this feeling sucks. It just tears relationships away and keep us away from each other.

Husband repeatedly reminded me in his calmest way that I should be grateful with what I have in hand instead of being overwhelmed with something isn't necessary at all. He reminds me that Allah's blessing works in the most miraculous way that everybody lives a different path. I am frankly touched by all this positivity from him I cried out loud on his shoulder.

Anyhow we just watched Fast 8 just now and we suddenly came up with this crazy plan to go to Cuba for our next trip. Despite the fact it's gonna cost us years of savings, I'm sure it's going to rock. I mean, I've been meaning to go to that part of the world for so long. Anyone who knows me personally would know I love North/South America! I've been wanting to go to Bahamas, Buenos Aires, Brazil... and how much I love Mexican food. Oh my. This really excites me.

I know I am not supposed to spill the beans but considering I don't have as many readers as before I might as well share this excitement with you. And you know when Ixa says she wants, she's gonna make sure she gets what she aims for. She totally rocks.

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