Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One Hundred Eleven

There were the two menantu working out a proper dish in the kitchen yesterday - both had no idea what and how to cook.

One decided to make asam pedas. The other agreed to the idea.

"Guna ikan apa nak buat asam pedas?"

"Ikan yang tengah defrost tu. Kita tak kenal tu ikan apa."

"Kita pun tak kenal tu ikan apa. Bedallah."

They went on cooking.

"Kakja, mana daun kesum eh?"

The other shrugged her shoulder. Both then stared at the maid, feeling hopeful, only to be disappointed later.

"Kita rasa yang rupa macam daun kari tu." The much elder menantu searched for daun kesum in the fridge, and when she found something that she thought might be it, they both smelt it and grinned.

"Haaa! Betullah ni daun kesum!"

Alhamdulillah we, eh, I mean, they survived cooking asam pedas. It tasted great in fact.

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