Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One Hundred

We were in Kota Bahru for a dear friend's wedding last week and wajik was served.

In front of everyone including mom, Cik Nah, my brother and my other collaegues, the husband be like,

"La... ini ke wajik? Yang macam lagu 'wajik dan dodol' (Refering to Anuar & Elina Hari Raya song) tu?"

Everyone burst into laughter. And he blushed.

Last night he recalled the incident.

"Malu betul kita pasal kes wajik haritu. Habis tercalar imej kita sebagai seorang yang knowledgable," he recollected.

I almost choked hearing him proclaiming to be knowledgable. It had always been "handsome" all this while.


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