Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ninety Five

It's the first morning of Ramadhan and I'm still adjusting myself to suhoor. And its aftermath. And my sleepyhead.

I have made it a point not to return to bed after suhoor. I have never had a proper suhoor since school. I woke up to a plain water next to me, took a sip, and went back sleeping.

When you get married it's a different story, especially when the husband insists on waking up for suhoor. He couldn't stand a day of fasting without taking a meal prior to it. And here I am wide awake at this hour writing this to combat my sleepiness.

So last year when I began my (actual) suhoor routine I pursued sleeping after subh prayers - for the sake of replacing my sleeping hours. Long story short, I gained weight even in Ramadhan! Hence, this new Ramadhan resolution of mine. No more tiduring after eating.

I have tonnes of work to do but I'm not sure if my brain is fit enough to carry on working. I can do this. May be I'll start with a short nap. Maybe not.

I am strong enough to win this battle. This is only the first day........

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