Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Eighty Six

When I was about 12, I had a cousin (I mean she still is my cousin) who had this boyfriend (now husband) who was a Manchester United die-hard fan.

I was giver (still am but not as much as before) that I loved buying things for other people using the allowance daddy had given to me.

So there was this one evening when we had some campaign running on behind my house (it was for DSAI's dismissal as the TPM... something to do with Reformasi) and there were like hundreds of stalls selling variety of stuff.

This one stall was selling metal badges including football teams'. Me, being thoughtful me, intended to purchase something for the M.U. fan. So I went looking around and I picked a red coloured badge.

Upon meeting him I handed over the badge to him. He shrieked, "Ini Liverpool. Bukan Man Utd!"

I was in awe. What difference does it make? They were both red and both are related to football.

LOL. The badge is still somewhere in my house today.

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