Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thirty Eight

Today I came back home feeling grateful. I've never felt so much love despite being alone in the car. I saw the house was still bright upon opening the gate.

 I could never imagine myself being brought up in a different house, by a different family. This house has showered me lavishly with love & compassion that I was spoilt by choices of the routes I wished to take when growing up. I was given much liberty but with much care.

I couldn't be any better without this, the family and the house.

 The house is old and it has always needed some fixings. This family isn't perfect. There are a lot of things I wished I was taught but I wasn't. But I'm still very much thankful for the opportunity to grow with it.

 I'm who I am because of this house.

 Now it's time for me to repay. I'm not sure how much have I owed, all I know is I wouldn't afford to substitute even my whole life for everything I was given.

 I can't love these two women who are the pillars of this house any better. Who never stop loving me no matter how nasty I can be towards them.

 I'm so cold outside I don't know how to show that I actually care for my moms, but I really do. Everytime I take a glimpse of the future, I spell both of your names.

  I love you Mama. I love you Cik Nah.

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