Monday, September 9, 2013

Twenty Nine

There are so many things we tend to question for we have not understood the human nature in depth. That is why Islam highly promotes moderation or wasatiyyah. It deals a lot with self-control, psychologically and emotionally speaking.

These days, this self-control isn't something quite manageable for many, especially with the interference of the social media. The urge to share every-single-thing overrides the needs to keep something exclusive to oneself.

Let's draw a few instances, which revolves mostly around relationships.

You are getting engaged. Friends have been uploading photos of their sophisticated, wedding-like-engagement-ceremony (read: a few know of my stand on this - I'm very against over-spending and over-sharing). You want to look as chic. You spent thousands on your engagement (money spent could've been saved for the actual nikah or the marriage itself) and brag about the event on social media.

Issues to highlight:

Over-spent ceremony
Oversharing and revealing excessive information

Then you keep on bragging (or what we normally call 'expressing') your vanity and self-love for weeks.

And something happens along the way. And you start spreading your negative vibes, feasting the eyes of your friends with your faulty words to show your rage. Another oversharing moment.


Most times I feel like I'm standing on a cliff trying to control myself. To grab people's attention to congratulate or to spill flattering words. You want to be on cloud nine. You want to feel belong.

But then I chose to contain myself. And each time I do, it's beyond satisfactory.

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