Monday, September 28, 2015

One Hundred Eight

Despite looking adamant on the outside, I have always had this soft spots for people - especially those coming with Puss in Boots eyes and heart-rending stories. Because of this, I always give in. Almost all the time.

But come to think again - these people never pitied me. Not even considering if it's the most reasonable thing to ask for. Yet they expect I understand them and fulfill their demand. They would do anything to get their way. Even if it's midnight, or eid, or the most inappropriate time to talk to.

So I finally decided that I no longer take some sappy stories of some inconsiderate bunch. They are just making me stronger.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

One Hundred Seven

I'm a sucker for beautiful words. And I recently noticed that the husband has a flair in sweet talking. When commented on this, he responded, "Memanglah... kalau tak mana abang boleh dapat awak..."

And no. I don't call him 'abang'.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

One Hundred Six

I'm supposed to be taking my bath and go to bed now but I suddenly feel like talking to someone. Since tomorrow's a working day (the last one before everyone is off for their raya break), I don't wish to disturb anyone.

You always had something to say in the midst of a hectic week. Possibly  because the brain's been working continuously I hardly stops even for a quick nap.

If I didn't get up from my bed in the next 30 seconds I'd be waking up in the same smelly shirt and oily face tomorrow morning.

Till then. Toodles.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

One Hundred Five

I'm breathing the air of September. The wind of change is gusting.

In the past month I have learnt a lot. Funnily I actually discovered a lot of things through relationships. I learnt that even your closest allies could betray you in the subtlest way they don't even realise. I learnt that you can't count on those you thought would stand by you in your stormy days.

I learnt a lot from these people and they don't even notice. I've learnt and would grow stronger.

I admit life is hard, especially these days. I needn't start on what's going on in the country at the moment. Probably if someone asks me on this in the years to follow, I might as well tell him to google "Malaysia in 2015".

Yes, life is hard and men are becoming ever so ruthless to save their own arses. Lies become necessary. Backstabbing is normal.

But it does hurt. Especially when you're stabbed from the front from your most trusted ally.

But hey. If it bleeds then it shall stop. I will stop it with my own bare hands.

I'm breathing the air of September. The wind of change is gusting.