Friday, August 30, 2013

Twenty Six

This is the point where I insist on writing regardless having nothing to spill. Let's just do snippets!

1. Tomorrow's Malaysia's 56th Independence Day celebration. Malaysia; though recently is a hot spot for a number of gunshots and many other commotions, is the place where I call home. Had some intention to migrate, but let's KIV that at the moment.

2. Counting down... I have EXACTLY 2 months and 30 days left!

3. I have cakes to be done, by midnight. But this muscle pain is slowing my progress. Speaking of that, what I really need is exercise. I'll pick up my jogging routine. Maybe next month. Or the other month. Or next year. Or god knows when.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Twenty Five

Come whatever may, I will still change me;

For it would be less hurtful;
For it would make you much happier;
So I could make things work,
Or at least I could make them up;
So that the future wouldn't be so punitive;
So the storyline would change,
Our storyline would've changed,
Because I am expecting a fairy tale,
A happily-ever-after kind of ending.

18 April 2010

Can't believe Allah has answered my prayers.


Twenty Four

Once I used to wish that you'd be the happiest man in the world, even if I wasn't.

Plot twist: Why can't we both be happy together? Being together. Forever.

Twenty Three

Hatiku Selembar Daun
Oleh: Sapardi Djoko Damono

hatiku selembar daun 
melayang jatuh di rumput; 
nanti dulu, biarkan aku sejenak terbaring di sini; 
ada yang masih ingin kupandang, 
yang selama ini senantiasa luput; 
sesaat adalah abadi 
sebelum kausapu tamanmu setiap pagi.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Twenty Two

Saddened by the incident

Envy the beautiful photos

Wonder would I have the magical fingers

Only to realise I express better in writing.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Twenty One

Counting days...

to the next September 11th

"With this celebration of yours
and the wonderful person you are,
I look back at how our love
has grown
and thank God
not only for bringing you into this
but for bringing you into mine.
And as I look forward to
many more happy tomorrows
with you
I wish you a birthday blessed
with every joy,
because I love you."

Cross one's fingers
(11 September 2005)


I'm amazed, and very grateful that the feeling is still the same today.

I love you too.


16th August

The date I've always dreaded since 2007.

In turning it into something I really look forward to, I wished and in fact had expressed my intention to tie the knot on this date.

Allah knows better.

Now it has become nothing more than unbecoming.

A friend lost his beloved fiance. Can't imagine being put in his shoes, undertaking such trial.

But Allah knows best.


Sunday, August 4, 2013


The simplest gesture touches the heart.

Asked a 10-year-old boy to write a note in a Hari Raya card. He included, among others,

"Jangan lupa berjuang dan berdoa untuk saudara kita di Palestin."


Self reminder:

Never make promises when you're happy
Never make decisions when you're angry


Genggam janji ini
Angin sudah beralih arah